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Torque Converter

I had the opportunity to buy a Comet TAV2 Torq-A-Verter CVT a year ago when I first started dreaming about Cycle Karts, but I didn’t and now they are impossible to find.  I have frantically searching for the TAV2 unit or some alternative.

Steve suggested Max-Torque. They have 3/4″ diameter units in stock, however I need a 1″ diameter for my application since I’m using a 8 HP Tecumseh engine. Some places anticipate stocking knock-off TAV2 units in the coming months, but I doubt the quality or the likelihood of delivery.  I looked at some other options, like CVT units from 250cc scooters, but once more faced the 1″ diameter issue.

I found CVTech-IBC, in Canada, and it looks like they are the best bet.  They offer many diameters, including the 1″.  They also have twice the gear ration range of the TAV2, but they cost twice as much as well.

Has anyone had much success with only a centrifugal clutch?  The official specs use a torque converter, so I’m hesitant to try it without one.

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Engine Started

I purchased my cycle kart engine from an online vendor that said it sat on a shelf for several years.  It had never been started, but I was still a little nervous that it would fire up.  It started on the fifth pull and ran well, although I did adjust it to idle a little faster.

As my frame is no where near completion, I mounted it on 28″ long 2X4 boards for testing.  I let it run for a while to get warm before giving it full throttle.  I weigh 210 lbs and was standing on the boards and couldn’t keep the engine still when I gave it full power.  I’m very excited to get moving with my build, but still need to find somewhere that still has a TAV2 for sale.



Cycle Kart Engine

Cycle Kart Engine

I finally got my engine so I am one step closer.  I did decide to vary from the “official” Cycle Karting Specs, by deciding to use an 8HP Tecumseh Power Sport engine.  This is the wrong engine, but I decided since I don’t have a bunch of other Cycle Karts to race, I would cheat.  I intend to throttle back or swap in a 6HP if I ever get to ride with a proper Cycle Kart.

I did purchase steel as well and have started working on the front end and suspension of the cycle kart.

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