This weekend I had Cycle Karting on the brain so I decided I would also tackle the frame and an idea I had for materials.  We bought our home about a year ago and I have been busy renovating and eliminating projects from the to do list since.  One such project has been to remove some junk the previous owner graciously left under the back deck.  One item of junk, pertaining to this Cycle Kart project, is a steel queen sized bed frame.  I squeezed into the 2 ft crawl space under the deck and unearthed bed from beneath a heap of leaves.

Judging from the condition of the metal the previous owner must have tossed it there as she moved out, unknowingly providing me with what I hope will be the perfect Cycle Kart frame. Typically 1×3″ rectangular steel tube is used, but with adequate reinfocement I think the bed frame will suffice.  I also hope it will cut the weight down since the bed is a light gauge angle iron.  The bed is also too short, so I wil splice in an extra section that will become the motor mount. There is also some light surface rust I’ll deal with before painting, but otherwise it seems to be in good condition to start fabricating.