Cycle Kart Axle

Here it is.  This axle is the rear axle to a commercial zero-radius turn lawn mower.  The axle features a heavy duty differential, dual drum brakes and v-belt drive pulleys.  The issues with this axle start stacking up, but I am still going to give it a shot.

First, it is too short so I will be adding a larger hub to each of the rear wheels to achieve my overall width.

Second, I am actually going to try using the v-belt pulleys.  I wont nearly have the range of a sprocket set up, but with the extra power in the 8hp, I hope to break even.  In any capacity, it will be fun to try.

Third, I will be using the lawn mower mounting brackets to hang the axle.  They are bearing action, however this will set the attachment toward the center of the Cycle Kart.  I suspect it will eventually twist or rock and will require a proper installation.

In any capacity, I actually purchased the entire unit for less than the old Northern Tool differential axles, so even if I strip everything off and build a proper axle off of the differential, it will pay off.  I also think all the new twists will be a nice challenge.