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Cycle Kart Hood Vents

Photo by xfolkboat on Flickr:

I’ve seen several people attempt Cycle Kart hood vents or louvers, like this old Alpha Romeo.

A beautiful Alpha Romeo and Cycle Kart to match:

David Mysona Cycle Kart courtesy of


Cycle Kart Hood Strap

Photo by

I’ve always thought a hood strap would be a nice feature on a Cycle Kart. Photo by

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Cycle Kart Inspiration Category

My Cycle Kart plans are still on hold because I started my own business and can not justify the expense of building a Cycle Kart right now.  I still dream about building one so I’ve been storing images of old race cars and Cycle Cars that have details I think would look nice on a Cycle Kart.  I have enough images that I thought they might make a nice Cycle Kart Inspiration category to help fuel your ideas for your Cycle Kart project.  You can now view the category and I will begin posting pictures of full size cars with details or lines that I think would look nice on a Cycle Kart. I do not own any of these images.


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