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Cycle Kart Suspension

I have posted previously that I am going to try an independent swing arm suspension with a single transverse half elliptical leaf spring.  Basically, two swing arms are attached to mini axles that are mounted in flange bearings. They leaf spring will then rest atop the swing arms in shackles.

Front Cycle Kart Suspension

I have yet to weld the swing arms to the axles as I will likely redo the swing arm on the left as it is too far off center. I was going to use through fastened bolts with a steel box in the middle, however after seeing the amount of play in the piece, I decided I will weld the central box (not pictured) to the two frame pieces and use shorter bolts to attach the bearings.


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Cycle Kart Axle Modifications

I recently posted that I was considering using the v-belt pulleys that were already installed on my axle for the final drive on the Cycle Kart.  I got some interesting feedback from the Cycle Karting community on the Yahoo Cycle Kart group.  They community seemed to agree that the v-belt would work until I ran the Cycle Kart in dirt or water.  I suppose I could try to encase the belt and pulley, but inevitably water or dust would get in and reduce performance.  That said,  I have begun preparing to attach a 60 tooth sprocket where the pulley is currently.

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Cycle Kart Axle Update

Cycle Kart Axle

Here it is.  This axle is the rear axle to a commercial zero-radius turn lawn mower.  The axle features a heavy duty differential, dual drum brakes and v-belt drive pulleys.  The issues with this axle start stacking up, but I am still going to give it a shot.

First, it is too short so I will be adding a larger hub to each of the rear wheels to achieve my overall width.

Second, I am actually going to try using the v-belt pulleys.  I wont nearly have the range of a sprocket set up, but with the extra power in the 8hp, I hope to break even.  In any capacity, it will be fun to try.

Third, I will be using the lawn mower mounting brackets to hang the axle.  They are bearing action, however this will set the attachment toward the center of the Cycle Kart.  I suspect it will eventually twist or rock and will require a proper installation.

In any capacity, I actually purchased the entire unit for less than the old Northern Tool differential axles, so even if I strip everything off and build a proper axle off of the differential, it will pay off.  I also think all the new twists will be a nice challenge.

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Frame Update

Cycle Kart Body and Axle

I need to start using a better camera and better lighting, but here is the latest.  I was designing on the short “cute” side and have apparently done a good job at it because it feels tiny.  The pitch of the dash insert will likely change, but the position from the front is accurate.

The axle will also mount more toward the rear to avoid a huge rear end.  I’ll discuss the axle more in the next post.

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