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Cycle Kart Plywood Pictures

I didn’t finish cutting my side pieces, but was pleased to be able to take pictures of one side at least.  I am using 3/4″ plywood for most components and then cutting sections out for better weight savings.  I expect to reinforce the frame in several places as well.  If the frame looks small, it actually is.  I am 6’5″ and will have to squeeze to fit, however in keeping with idea of “cute” dimensions, decided it is easier to make the cycle kart larger than trying to make an over sized cycle kart smaller later.

The right side of my Cycle Kart

The right side of my Cycle Kart

I will try to cut the left side of the cart soon to snap some pictures of the pieces together to show how this cycle karting project is progressing.

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Cycle Kart Plywood Body

Despite the excuses, I finally found the time to start working on the plywood body for my cycle kart.  I found myself continually sitting next to the sheet of plywood as I drew and redrew my lines to make sure I fit and still maintained the proportions.  I know various cycle karting enthusiasts have used a range of materials, but I chose 3/4 inch plywood for added strength, and will actually cut large sections out for decreased weight.  I plan to use several cross sections as reinforcement.  I’m still cutting and hope to post pictures soon (when I finish cutting).

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