New Cycle Kart and New Site

New for 2018 I’m starting a new Cycle Kart build, which I plan to document with pictures and videos. As such, the site deserves and update, so stay tuned for some updates.

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CycleKart Inspiration from Goodwood

905 Darracq 200HP land speed record car seriously sideways at Goodwood

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Latest Cycle Kart video

I thought this was worth sharing. Oh, I wish I had wide open dirt space to race:

Vintage Mini Racing – Something New Media from Something New Media on Vimeo.

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Does anyone have a rolling frame they want to race at this upcoming M.I.S.F.I.T.S event? Mike Rowe will be taping for his new show. It looks like a lot of fun and soap box racers are like the ugly younger sister of Cycle Karts.

Mike Rowe, of Dirty Jobs fame, will be in Baltimore on Saturday May 9th racing with The Maryland Independent Soapbox…

Posted by M.I.S.F.I.T.S. on Wednesday, April 1, 2015

If the Facebook embed isn’t working for you, visit: or their Facebook page:

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A meet like this with Cycle Karts

I think it would be a total blast, to get a bunch of Cycle Karts together to dirt track race like these Hot Rodders did. The little silver hot rod is basically a Cycle Kart anyways.

Hot Rod Revue: Jalopy Dust Up 2013. Hot rod dirt track racing! from Cal Thorley on Vimeo.


Cycle Kart Hood Vents

Photo by xfolkboat on Flickr:

I’ve seen several people attempt Cycle Kart hood vents or louvers, like this old Alpha Romeo.

A beautiful Alpha Romeo and Cycle Kart to match:

David Mysona Cycle Kart courtesy of


Cycle Kart Hood Strap

Photo by

I’ve always thought a hood strap would be a nice feature on a Cycle Kart. Photo by

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Cycle Kart Inspiration Category

My Cycle Kart plans are still on hold because I started my own business and can not justify the expense of building a Cycle Kart right now.  I still dream about building one so I’ve been storing images of old race cars and Cycle Cars that have details I think would look nice on a Cycle Kart.  I have enough images that I thought they might make a nice Cycle Kart Inspiration category to help fuel your ideas for your Cycle Kart project.  You can now view the category and I will begin posting pictures of full size cars with details or lines that I think would look nice on a Cycle Kart. I do not own any of these images.


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CycleKarting Update

I am still making excuses so I don’t have an update about my Cycle Kart, but I’m excited to share a couple links to some neat community sites. launched recently and may help connect builders with other builders in their area.

If you pay attention to the Yahoo Cycle Karts Group, you’ve probably already heard of the Gitterville Grand Prix, but they deserve a mention here.  They seem to be the most active group right now, holding events regularly. Check them out at and be sure to browse all their event pictures and build pictures, they’ve built some really great Cycle Karts.

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Cycle Kart on MAKE

Stephen Cameron, a commenter on this site and who has been making good progress on his cycle kart, had a video walk through of his build posted on  Check it out at :  It’s good to see another cycle kart nearing completion and some good recognition from MAKE.